Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did you know it's National Yell-At-Paige Day?

Yeah, me neither. Until I got to ROTC today and was outside for inspection and Master Chief decided to come tell me how much my platoons uniforms suck. -_- I gave them twenty minutes to check over each other, that I didn't have to give mind you!, and they still got like 30ish marks off all together. So as everyone else is quiet and at attention [see earlier post for what that is ( :] I'm hearing 'J! Why don't you have a better handle on your platoon?! You need to straighten them up! Do you hear me?! Every point they get off is a point off you! Understand?! GOOD!' and having spit fly towards my face. I'm pretty sure I looked like the : smiley. I was pissed. I'm like what the crap?? but I said, of course, 'Yes sir.' because that's all you can say..
Then, as we're marching, my platoon is sucking monkey balls, pardon my erm.. latin? [it's not quite bad enough to be considered french, I don't think..] but anyways, 'J! What are you doing?!?!?!?!? Get your people lined up with this platoon! BLAHBLAHBLAH.' from MC.
He humiliated me ya'll. I was almost crying. And I was pissed at myself for not calling the commands with a strong voice since I was almost crying, and pissed at him wondering why in the doodle he was calling me out when I was making less mistakes than the other 2 C/O's.
So when I came home and told Mama and Mr. Fred about it, apparently that's Master Chiefs way of showing either A) he expects more out of me and/or B) he's trying to make me mad so I'll be more determined and therefor will be better. I'm just like I don't really know WHAT his problem is, but he turns 51 tomorrow and I swear he's as crusty as the Titanic and all its barnacle covered goodness down at the bottom of the ocean. -_- I mean, I love him to death and all [you have to know him and be able to appreciate his weirdness] but he's so.. Ugh. I had people coming up to me 'Wow J, you looked like an idiot out there...' *straight face* 'Well thanks (insert name), I thought so too..' Maybe he's just mad because he's getting old.. Ha.
Anyways... My shipmates are afraid of tomorrow. Hehehe.. Is that a good thing? I heard them talking and they're like 'Oh gosh she's gonna yell.. I've heard she's scary mad but dang.. Did you see her face???... I think I'm gonna skip 2nd tomorrow, she doesn't look to happy..' Dang skippy I ain't happy! It's okay. They thought I was mean this week? Wait till I'm making then learn how to properly march out in the cold air next week. Since apparently they don't know how. ( :

Alsoooo, I'm glad ya'll enjoy my stick people. I'll start using them more often. ^_^

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  1. Paige darlin, I can only imagine how tuff it has to be being a CO of a group of how should I say it.... Military challenged group of people. But it is up to you to straighten them out! I have all the confidence that you can do it. You jut need to tell them to stop draggin their nuckles on the ground and evolve into humans like they should have centuries ago. If ya need my board of education let me know.... ya know u can borrow it anytime ;) And as for MC I think I have already told you what I think of him.... I think it begins with flaming,bleeding blah blah...