Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WHAT was I thinking?!

-Mumbles in mimicking voice- 'I wanna be CO.. I wanna be in charge of a platoon of baboons.. I can straighten them up...'
Uhhh, RIGHT! About that..

Alright, today in class in ROTC made me realize why T [my previous CO] wanted so badly to give up his position. Even though we are in high school, the guys still act like they're four freakin years old! I think it might also have something to do with the fact that I'm a girl in charge of them. Dead serious. Which is really stupid if you ask me, just 'cause I have a V***** [yep, I went there] doesn't mean I have any less authority than a CO with a P**** would have. SO get over it. I mean seriously! I am in charge of you. You are being loud. I tell you to lock it up, by golly lock it up!

Here's a lovely example. A friend of mine [let's call him F] thinks that because we're friends, he doesn't have to listen to me and go to attention/parade rest/seats like everyone else. Well guess again honey. I'm not your friend in the ROTC room. I'm the person BM1 put in charge of you to set you straight. Get used to it. For those of you who don't know what in the doodle those three things are up there, I made visuals using Paint. ( : [Don't laugh. These things took me like a freakin hour and a half. APPRECIATE that I love ya'll enough to make visuals for you. Kthx. :D]

I believe these speak for themselves. :

Decided to use a little color in the 'seats' one. :D

It's so frustrating! Then he has the guts to ask me at lunch if he was better today. I had three guys I had to separate [I'm in charge of EVERYTHING in the classroom. Seating arrangement included.] today because they couldn't be quiet and work, he was one of those. Also, I had to put them at seats three times. I really don't want to drop them [make them do push ups] because I hate push ups and the minimum I can give them according to the new CO of the Unit is 25. And if I drop them, I have to do them too; 'Leadership by example'. -_- Frick. Looks like I'm gonna have me some beastly arms before the nine-weeks is over.

Mmkay. Rant time is over. ( :

Oh wait, also, notice how with time, my paint pictures got better, and more colorful. :D


  1. Girl u rock with the stick men. Maybe The Man can use them at work. You made my whole day with your post. Oh and by the way stick to ur guns and dont let them push you around and think they can get away with stuff just because your friend. If anything I would expect more from my friend and they should support you at your new post. I know ur bossy enough that you will straighten them up if not just jerk a knot in their tail right quick.

  2. Learning to be a good leader is fun isn't it? It's all about finding what motivates them (trust me, not always easy). It shouldn't matter who's in charge (male or female) ... they should respect the position and who ever is in the position. Good luck!

  3. Paige? That's high praise from Dani! She's there now as an officer in our USNAVY! She should be your hero!

  4. Ah, the price of leadership! Nice visuals too! On paint it must have taken quite awhile!