Thursday, February 26, 2009


Actually, it went by pretty good.
I messed up maybe once or twice, but all things considered, I think I did a rather decent job.
Mr. Fred and I had a hard time keeping our military baring [in a nut shell for all you civvies- composure] at some times. [Me more so than others, he didn't do it like I'm used to and it threw me off a bit at first.]

Either way, today went wayy smoother than I thought it would. Granted, my voice isn't doin so well.. I'm workin on not talking as much to save it. Anybody got any ideas as far as soothing a throat/getting your voice back quickly? I kinda really need it for next week.. : /
Thanks if you help.

Well I'm off to do biology homework; story of my life here lately.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Should be interesting..

Mr. Fred is coming to my school to inspect us.. I'm so scared it's not even funny..
I'm gonna go to bed and rest my voice some.
But I had to tell someone and I'm not gonna tell Mama.. Not right now anyways.

I got mad at first.. and I'm sorry. I'm just worried.. I've been getting better with my nerves and marching after inspection and stuff, but I'm gonna be so scared tomorrow I'll probably screw up a lot. And embarrass myself. I don't want to do that in front of him... I just know I'm gonna mess up.

I guess overall, I just don't want to disappoint my dad...

So sue me.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I gots an award!!!

Well, a bloggy award, but it's my first and considering how much of a horrible blogger I am, I'm rather surprised!

Alas, I don't have eight blogger friends that my mother did not already mention.

This seems to be a problem..

I shall have to get back to you on this when I figure out eight other blogs that I like to read. Well, I have a few, but I have to post all eight at one time. So I'll just wait.

And now! For my Bloggy Award!

Yayy! : D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

As Promised..

Here's my post today.
Okay, so, my first parade as CO pretty much sucked monkey balls.
Pardon my vulgar language, but it did. I won't go too far into detail, other than if you look at the pictures taken of me, and you know my mother and the face she gets when she's mad, you will see from the way my mouth is set, I was pissed. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the negative. Let's shoot for the positive! : D

Okay, sooo, I just got back from seeing a movie with two friends and one friends niece [who happens to be our age..?] and it was great. We have started a tradition now; about once a month we go and have a GNO [Girls Night Out] and see a movie. One of the original crew couldn't make it, so B invited MT to go, and overall it was a pretty good night. We saw Shopahol*c. And let me tell you, you HAVE to go see it. It's amazing. I had to pee thirty minutes into the movie but couldn't leave. Sooo, as the credits start rolling, they're laughing their butts off at me as I pull a Grandma and grab up my ginormous purse and waddle out of the theatre trying not to pee myself. Then, wouldn't you know, Shameeka and her girlfriend was blockin' my way out tha little gate thang, and girl, I had ta go. I was all s'cuse meh, pardon meh, girl move I gots ta pee! while my friends are laughing so hard they're practically doubled over and then I penguined it to the bathroom, to find that I had to wait even longer. So, my mature self proceeds to do the little kid potty dance not caring who saw. You know the one, knees together, hopping in a way, swaying a little, with that distressed look on your face? Yea. That one. Soo, entertainment of the night, was Paige having to pee after an hour and a half of holding it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It has come to my attention..

That I am once again probably the worlds worst blogger.

I'm not goin to make excuses, I just suck at bogging. So I'd like to apologize for anyone that has been waiting 60million years on a new, 'exciting' post. I've been waiting on pictures from the church trip I went on to be uploaded on other peoples F-Books. I think some finally have, so I'll definately blog about that soon.

Right now, I have to go get my uniform ready and the kitchen done seeing as A)I have to march my platoon in a parade tomorrow and don't want to be in a rush to get my stuff together in the AM and B) I didn't clean the kitchen last night because I had a busy day and had to get my homework done once I finally got home last night good for the first time around 9 o'clock. [I went to see Shakespeares 'Twelfth Night' at my high school for extra credit; it was actually quite funny and entertaining.]

Sooo, I bid you 'Adieu' and I shall blog again tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Uh ohh! Movin up the relationship food chain! [Fishys part three]

Soooo, Biology Boy and I have taken a step in our 'relationship'(?).

We are now lab partners! *quiets the soft oo's, ah's, and awh's.* I know, I know.
This is a big deal. But that's okay. I'll get through this. I just have to make sure I really do look perfect before I bustle into the classroom as the almost late bell rings because I have to walk all the way from the other side of the campus with my super short legged self. Buut, ya know, it's worth it. ( :

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fishys part two.

Okay, so, there's still a fishy hunt going on.

Boy one - We've basically told each other we like each other, but we haven't done anything about it. Sure, there's a little flirting here and there, and we talk some outside of school. Basically, we're taking this really really slow. Which isn't a bad thing by far, just really annoying, haha.

Boy two - Found him a fishy. -_- Oh well, there's more fishys. Ha.

I'm renaming them actually.. Biology Boy and well.. He doesn't really need a name anymore so he'll keep Boy two. So yea.
Maybe me and Biology Boy will do something next weekend? Who knows.

Long Week

I decided not to blog about what went on last week because there's really no point. I got over it. And then all week I've been busy just about, so I guess I just let the blog get away from me. Again.

So anyways, this past week has been sort of crazy on the nerves; lots of high school drama going on. I am surprisingly really loving gym class, it's one of my favorite things about my day. How sad, right? hahaha.

Well I don't really have anything besides drama to blog about, and I'd rather forget all of that for the weekend. So maybe I'll blog Monday if something good happens. Who knows?

Friday, January 23, 2009

I! I have a dream!

So most of you would probably never think of me as a cheerleader since I'm in ROTC and they're like.. pretty different. Buuuut, I've tried out for the past 3 years now.
And today at the pep rally, there was this black girl on the squad, who is like.. way chunkier than me. I was like OMG! THERES HOPE FOR ME YET! EEE!
Sooo I believe I shall try again this year. :D

I'm more than likely going to start staying after on days it's okay with Mama to condition and get ready strength-wise. Now that I've seen her, I want to do this. Badly. Hm.. How different would that be.. A ROTC 'dork' as a cheerleader as well.. Ha.. Just call me Miss Renaissance Woman. ( :

Sorry this post is short, I'm really tired.
I'll blog about my ROTC situations tomorrow sometime.. Once I'm done taming all the wild beasts that are hiding out in my room.. I'm kinda scared to go cleaning.. I think I heard a buffalo in there somewhere last night..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did you know it's National Yell-At-Paige Day?

Yeah, me neither. Until I got to ROTC today and was outside for inspection and Master Chief decided to come tell me how much my platoons uniforms suck. -_- I gave them twenty minutes to check over each other, that I didn't have to give mind you!, and they still got like 30ish marks off all together. So as everyone else is quiet and at attention [see earlier post for what that is ( :] I'm hearing 'J! Why don't you have a better handle on your platoon?! You need to straighten them up! Do you hear me?! Every point they get off is a point off you! Understand?! GOOD!' and having spit fly towards my face. I'm pretty sure I looked like the : smiley. I was pissed. I'm like what the crap?? but I said, of course, 'Yes sir.' because that's all you can say..
Then, as we're marching, my platoon is sucking monkey balls, pardon my erm.. latin? [it's not quite bad enough to be considered french, I don't think..] but anyways, 'J! What are you doing?!?!?!?!? Get your people lined up with this platoon! BLAHBLAHBLAH.' from MC.
He humiliated me ya'll. I was almost crying. And I was pissed at myself for not calling the commands with a strong voice since I was almost crying, and pissed at him wondering why in the doodle he was calling me out when I was making less mistakes than the other 2 C/O's.
So when I came home and told Mama and Mr. Fred about it, apparently that's Master Chiefs way of showing either A) he expects more out of me and/or B) he's trying to make me mad so I'll be more determined and therefor will be better. I'm just like I don't really know WHAT his problem is, but he turns 51 tomorrow and I swear he's as crusty as the Titanic and all its barnacle covered goodness down at the bottom of the ocean. -_- I mean, I love him to death and all [you have to know him and be able to appreciate his weirdness] but he's so.. Ugh. I had people coming up to me 'Wow J, you looked like an idiot out there...' *straight face* 'Well thanks (insert name), I thought so too..' Maybe he's just mad because he's getting old.. Ha.
Anyways... My shipmates are afraid of tomorrow. Hehehe.. Is that a good thing? I heard them talking and they're like 'Oh gosh she's gonna yell.. I've heard she's scary mad but dang.. Did you see her face???... I think I'm gonna skip 2nd tomorrow, she doesn't look to happy..' Dang skippy I ain't happy! It's okay. They thought I was mean this week? Wait till I'm making then learn how to properly march out in the cold air next week. Since apparently they don't know how. ( :

Alsoooo, I'm glad ya'll enjoy my stick people. I'll start using them more often. ^_^

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WHAT was I thinking?!

-Mumbles in mimicking voice- 'I wanna be CO.. I wanna be in charge of a platoon of baboons.. I can straighten them up...'
Uhhh, RIGHT! About that..

Alright, today in class in ROTC made me realize why T [my previous CO] wanted so badly to give up his position. Even though we are in high school, the guys still act like they're four freakin years old! I think it might also have something to do with the fact that I'm a girl in charge of them. Dead serious. Which is really stupid if you ask me, just 'cause I have a V***** [yep, I went there] doesn't mean I have any less authority than a CO with a P**** would have. SO get over it. I mean seriously! I am in charge of you. You are being loud. I tell you to lock it up, by golly lock it up!

Here's a lovely example. A friend of mine [let's call him F] thinks that because we're friends, he doesn't have to listen to me and go to attention/parade rest/seats like everyone else. Well guess again honey. I'm not your friend in the ROTC room. I'm the person BM1 put in charge of you to set you straight. Get used to it. For those of you who don't know what in the doodle those three things are up there, I made visuals using Paint. ( : [Don't laugh. These things took me like a freakin hour and a half. APPRECIATE that I love ya'll enough to make visuals for you. Kthx. :D]

I believe these speak for themselves. :

Decided to use a little color in the 'seats' one. :D

It's so frustrating! Then he has the guts to ask me at lunch if he was better today. I had three guys I had to separate [I'm in charge of EVERYTHING in the classroom. Seating arrangement included.] today because they couldn't be quiet and work, he was one of those. Also, I had to put them at seats three times. I really don't want to drop them [make them do push ups] because I hate push ups and the minimum I can give them according to the new CO of the Unit is 25. And if I drop them, I have to do them too; 'Leadership by example'. -_- Frick. Looks like I'm gonna have me some beastly arms before the nine-weeks is over.

Mmkay. Rant time is over. ( :

Oh wait, also, notice how with time, my paint pictures got better, and more colorful. :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fishys part one.

Alright, this is for all of the people that want to know what is going on in my dramatic, teenage so-called 'love life'. [-ahem- nosey CA/SC/where ever else you are moms]
It has come to my attention that although I enjoy flirting, I like having possibilities picked out in case I change my mind and decide that I don't want to be single anymore. haha And granted, I've only been single since Thursday [1/15/09; a day before mine and C's 2 month mark] I'm already out there swimming around meetin new fishys. ( :

Guy one - Met him first day back in my 4th block; Gifted Biology. He's a sophomore, he's cute [kind of longish but not really light brown hair, GORGEOUS dark brown eyes, and I love his smile.], he's funny, he's a football player, he's in SR Beta Club [so he's really smart], and if ya'll [-ahem- moms] would like a picture, I'll ask if I can put one up here for you.

Guy two - Very country, also a sophomore, met through a friend, haven't chilled or anything yet, but we've talked a little and he seems pretty nice. We have a few things in common, and we recently discovered we knew each other before and we used to eat breakfast every morning at school together with his [now ex] girlfriend who was one of my best friends at the time, and another one of my friends.

At the moment, I'm kind of liking Guy One a little more, but it could also be because I know him a little more. We'll see where this goes.

As my single-ness progresses, I'll keep ya'll updated on the guys you already know about and I'll inform you about any new guys that pop up. I know that this is the only way most of you can keep up with me.


I accidentally deleted my other blog.. Of course AFTER I wrote two HUGE blogs. No joke, I almost cried. Ask Mu.
Anyways, alright ya'll, we have lots to catch up on. I know I haven't exactly been the best blogger, but now that I am single [Yea, broke up with C this past Thursday] I'll probably blog at least once a week to update ya'll until I find a life on Friday nights.
On to the updates!
As you already read, I am single. Don't ask me why I did it, just accept the fact that I decided to make a change for whatever my personal reasons may be. You know fickle-minded and capricious we teenagers can be.
Oh! And you simply CAN'T forget who the new Alpha 5 C/O [Commanding Officer Aka Top Dog] is.. Me, of course! I'm so happy I can't stand it! I'm finally C/O! Ask my mom, my first day as C/O, one of my fun things for the first day as C/O was 'Started my first day as the next Bonaparte today.' [Don't worry, I'll be the GOOD Bonaparte who is also successful and ends world hunger with Ranch Dressing.]
Anyways, this semester ROTC is kind of a bummer, the seniors, Aka most of my ROTC friends all got switched to third block, and I still have second. So I don't get to hide out in the Ward Room on PT Fridays anymore.. Which now that I'm C/O I don't think I would anyways. I tell my shipmates even if they don't feel like doing something, they should do it. How hypocritical would it be if I didn't PT? OH and on TOP of PTing on Fridays in second block, every day in third block, which is Personal Fitness for this nine weeks for me, I run 1-2 miles and crap. It sucks! I hurt sooo bad when I get home.. It's insane. All the girls do. We got all the football player and basketball player guys, which hey, we're not arguing haha, but they're all running their laps in no time and looking at us like we're crazy because some girls are to the point [no, not I surprisingly] that they hurt so bad they start crying. So, all of us have pretty much got a routine going until our bodies get used to being asked so much of physically; Advil [Motrin 800 for me suckas] like twice a day, soak in a bath so hot you look like a lobster when you get out for about an hour before bed, do the stretches we do in class everyday before we go to bed, and it's actually working. One of the coaches [both male and VERY unsympathetic; one used to be a personal trainer] suggested it and we all love him for it now. I don't hurt as bad as I have been, but it's still hard to get up/down in low chairs. : /
Alsooo, me and Brittani got our car back! ^_^
You're probably like 'our car?' because of my age and blahblahblah.. My thing is, I help make the messes, I help keep it clean, I'm the other one riding in it mainly, and I've filled it up quite a few times now, it really is 'our car'. Anyways, we haven't had it for like a week or so now, because my best friend, in her infinite wisdom, decided to hit a curb and pop the tire and just ugh.. So we've been driving this rusty old pick up [hey, it's not the bus, we're all good, aha] and it's sooo nice to have our tiny two-seater back.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had a major 'huh..' moment in church today. [Don't go exiting out just yet, this isn't a preaching post. Although I can't promise I won't have one or two of those being a Christian and not really caring if my religion/beliefs offends you seeing as I live in the USA which was founded on Christianity and all that jazz.] ANYWAYS. I was sitting there and looked over at these 4 little kids [which after some thought I found the fact that I refer to them extremely ironic seeing as they're only a few years younger than me] sitting up in the balcony together just chillin during the sermon and I had to chuckle to myself. There were two girls who had on a BUTTLOAD of makeup looking/acting like they were trying to look/act 25 [and not succeeding by the way..] while these little boys, who couldn't have been 5 feet at most, tried to impress them by looking 'cool'. Okay, first of all, I know one of them and I used to go to the SAME school they did [last year.. haha, wow time flies] and let me tell you. The boys there? Most of them walk around trying to act all hard and stuff with their long, scraggly hair, tight chick jeans and whatnot, chick sunglasses, yet bashing gay people? Yea. No thanks. I'll take a mature upperclassman any day. But as I was sitting there highly amused at these kids, I realized, that's probably what we looked like a few years ago, and what we still look like to the seniors/upperclassmen. Granted, I'd give anything to look my age, whereas they're trying to look older on purpose and just end up looking.. anyways. But still. I finally realized why so many upperclassmen in high school look at you funny when they see the number up on your ID. They're probably thinking 'Ugh.. Great.. Another dumb little ______..' just like even though I know there are mature middle schoolers [I met one just last night as a matter of fact] the ones that act like these four give the rest of them bad names. So it kind of gave me something to think about..
You ever have those moments, where you have a mini-epiphany and then feel really stupid about something? Yea.. I have those quite often these days..