Friday, January 23, 2009

I! I have a dream!

So most of you would probably never think of me as a cheerleader since I'm in ROTC and they're like.. pretty different. Buuuut, I've tried out for the past 3 years now.
And today at the pep rally, there was this black girl on the squad, who is like.. way chunkier than me. I was like OMG! THERES HOPE FOR ME YET! EEE!
Sooo I believe I shall try again this year. :D

I'm more than likely going to start staying after on days it's okay with Mama to condition and get ready strength-wise. Now that I've seen her, I want to do this. Badly. Hm.. How different would that be.. A ROTC 'dork' as a cheerleader as well.. Ha.. Just call me Miss Renaissance Woman. ( :

Sorry this post is short, I'm really tired.
I'll blog about my ROTC situations tomorrow sometime.. Once I'm done taming all the wild beasts that are hiding out in my room.. I'm kinda scared to go cleaning.. I think I heard a buffalo in there somewhere last night..

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  1. I'm friends with the coach. I'll put in a good word for ya. ;)