Thursday, February 26, 2009


Actually, it went by pretty good.
I messed up maybe once or twice, but all things considered, I think I did a rather decent job.
Mr. Fred and I had a hard time keeping our military baring [in a nut shell for all you civvies- composure] at some times. [Me more so than others, he didn't do it like I'm used to and it threw me off a bit at first.]

Either way, today went wayy smoother than I thought it would. Granted, my voice isn't doin so well.. I'm workin on not talking as much to save it. Anybody got any ideas as far as soothing a throat/getting your voice back quickly? I kinda really need it for next week.. : /
Thanks if you help.

Well I'm off to do biology homework; story of my life here lately.


  1. So can I post the picture yet? I really really want to. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  2. Way to go THE Paige - you rocked it! honey tea does the throat some kind of good - hope it's all better soon!

  3. I'm tardy to the party Paige but still wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on acing your Inspection!
    I took ROTC in highschool and can remember the anxiety of inspection. I was convinced they were going to ask me something I did not know and i'd Never happened though! How cool is it that your step-father inspected you!

  4. Paige-
    I am SOOO sorry. I have been a horrible West Coast mom when it comes to following your blog. I hereby promise to be better! YOU ROCK!