Monday, February 2, 2009

Uh ohh! Movin up the relationship food chain! [Fishys part three]

Soooo, Biology Boy and I have taken a step in our 'relationship'(?).

We are now lab partners! *quiets the soft oo's, ah's, and awh's.* I know, I know.
This is a big deal. But that's okay. I'll get through this. I just have to make sure I really do look perfect before I bustle into the classroom as the almost late bell rings because I have to walk all the way from the other side of the campus with my super short legged self. Buut, ya know, it's worth it. ( :


  1. You just want Biology boy to do the ucky work for you so you can play the damsal in distress. I know how you are bout icky gross stuff lol.

  2. Hey,

    Stop by my blog sometime. I have a bloggy valentine for ya!
    Good luck with Biology boy...if that's what you want! :D